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555 Presets + 193 Loops, Samples & Fx + 1000 Midis Trance

Your Trance productions don’t sound like you want? Do you think the problem is only in the mix?

Don’t worry, it’s not like that, mixing starts with choosing the right sounds, that’s why we’ve created this Trance Bundle, so you don’t have to fight looking through thousands of sounds and focus on composing.

Drag And Drop Sounds Into The Project And Produce Music Faster Than Ever.

Drag midis into the project and get immediate inspiration

High-quality Presets for Serum, Diva, Spire, Dune 2 & 3, Hive 2 & Vital, designed to make your Trance songs sound great right out of the box.

All Sounds, Midis & Presets are 100% copyright free, you can use them in your projects and publish them under your name.

Total Value: €129

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