The Largest Collection Of BEATS SOUNDS For You To Sign With The Major Labels

The BIGGEST Beats Offer

Your Beats don’t sound like you want? Do you think the problem is only in the mix?


Don’t worry, it’s not like that, mixing starts with choosing the right sounds, that’s why we’ve created this Beats Bundle, so you don’t have to fight looking through thousands of sounds and focus on composing.


Beats Bundle is a massive package with more than 332 Presets, 400 Midis and 3 Sound Library with 1000 Samples,Loops & Fx sounds inspired by artists like 808 Melo, Pop Smoke, Eladio Carrión, Young Thug, Travis Scott , Gucci Mane, Rauw Alejandro, Tainy, Jhay Cortes, Bad Bunny, Myke Towers, Post Malone, Future, Shamana, Ocha , Idealism , Nohidea, Dwyer among others!


Buy 1 and get 7 FREE!

High quality sounds

All sounds are of high quality, so your Trance songs will sound great instantly.

Selection sounds by genre

We know how frustrating it is to search through thousands of sounds, that’s why all our sound banks have specific sounds for each musical genre.

100% Royalty Free

100% Royalty Free, all sounds, presets and midis are free, you can use them in your productions and publish them for sale.

Instant Download

Get your download link with all products instantly.

500 Samples & Loops

All sounds are high quality, Drag and drop sounds into the project and produce music faster than ever.

Hip-Hop Loop 1

Drill Loop 1

Trap Loop 1

Lofi Loop 1

Reggaeton Loop 1

Moombahton Loop 1

80 Presets Serum

80 Serum Presets Designed for Trap & Drill Music

Bells Trap & Drill 3

808 Trap & Drill 1

Keys Trap & Drill 1

Pads Trap & Drill 1

808 Trap & Drill 2

Keys Trap & Drill 13

75 Presets Serum

70 Serum Presets Designed for Lofi Music

Keys Lofi 15

Pads Lofi 1

Bass Lofi 12

Keys Lofi 1

Keys Lofi 17

Plucks Lofi 5

75 Presets Vital

75 Vital Presets Designed for Reggaeton Music

Keys Reggaeton 3

Plucks Reggaeton 1

Bass Reggaeton 13

Pads Reggaeton 1

Bells Reggaeton 16

Keys Reggaeton 8

52 Presets Serum

52 Serum Presets Designed for Reggaeton Music

Pluck Reggaeton 18

Pluck Reggaeton 20

Flute Reggaeton 1

Pluck Reggaeton 23

Pluck Reggaeton 10

Pluck Reggaeton 2

The BIGGEST Beats Offer

Bonuses may be unavailable soon…

100 Trap Midi Pack Vol 1

Free 100 Midis ( 808, Chords , Melodies, Hi-Hats, Kicks )

Free 100 Midis ( 808, Chords, Hi-Hats, Kicks, Snares )

100 Drill Midi Pack Vol 1

100 Lofi Midi Pack Vol 1

Free 100 Midis ( Chords , Melodies & Bass )

Free 100 Midis ( Bass, Plucks, Chords, Pads & Leads )

100 Reggaeton Midi Pack Vol 1

Reggaeton Drums Sound Library

Free 442 Sounds ( Loops, Fiils, Kicks, Claps, Snares, Toms & More)

Free 102 Acoustic Guitar Sounds ( Acoustic guitars to include directly in your beats )

Reggaeton Acoustic Guitars

Super Pads Presets

FREE 50 Presets Includes the same bench for Serum, Omnisphere & Vital.

This is All You Get when

you buy the Beats Bundle

Total Value: €309.99

Get 1700 Sounds, Presets & Midis right now for only


What do i have to do next?

If you are ready to improve your songs, follow the steps below

Click on any button to buy

Click on any purchase button to go directly to the payment page.

Fill in your information

On the payment page you will be asked to leave an email so that we can send all the packs.

Receive the packs

You will receive an email instantly with all the packs so you can download them.

All payments are secure. We have SSL certification, we do not keep any information of our clients, we accept payments with Paypal and Credit Card payments.

This is a Offer Product, it will not always be available

If you still see the offer, Buy 1 Get 7 Free, ¡hurry up and get your copy!

We improve our products constantly, we increase the value, but the price might go up very soon!

Don’t be surprised if the next time you visit, this offer is not available or the price is higher.

Work faster using the appropriate sounds and enjoy composing music.

Some of our clients have signed with major record labels and music platforms

This is All You Get when

you buy the Melodic Techno Bundle

Total Value: €309

Get 1700 Sounds, Presets & Midis right now for only


Frequently Asked Questions

What version of the Serum plugin do I need?

1.334 onwards

What version of the Vital plugin do I need?

1.0.7 Onwards

Can I use the Midis with any Daw?

Yes, you can use the midis in all programs (Flstudio, Ableton, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Studio One etc)

Are the Midis 100% Free of copyright?

Yes, all midis are 100% copyright free, you can use any midi in your songs and publish them.

How does it get to me?

Once you make the purchase, you will receive a link so you can download the files.

How long does it take to arrive?

The downloads are instantaneous, once you buy you will receive a link to download at the moment.

Can I request a refund?

As it is a digital product, unfortunately we do not make refunds.

Before buying you can listen to each sound that is included on the product page, all the presets, all the samples, there is even a video where we make a song using the Samples and Presets from the library that you are going to buy so that you know exactly what you are going to receive.