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A collection of 2000 Synthwave Samples, Presets & Midis

SYNTHWAVE Serum 280 Presets:

High Level PRESETS Derived From Clasic Synthwave Sounds

Make your Synthwave tracks stand out with our Preset Bank of 280 Serum Presets. From powerful bass to captivating leads, this pack is your key to authentic sound.

Elevate your productions, each note will resonate with the retro-futuristic magic that defines this unique genre. ( 55 Arps, 45 Bass, 10 Chords, 25 Fx, 20 Keys, 40 Leads, 40 Pads, 25 Plucks, 20 Synths )

Synthwave Serum Arps 1

Synthwave Serum Bass 1

Synthwave Serum Arps 2

Synthwave Serum Synth 1

SYNTHWAVE Diva 150 Presets:

ANALOG SOUND Synthwave with U-he Diva

Bring your Synthwave tracks to life with high-quality Presets for U-He Diva. Our banks allow you to create exceptional music with ease and speed, taking your production to the next level.

Each preset is meticulously crafted so you get Synthwave sound instantly. ( 25 Arps, 20 Arp Bass, 25 Bass, 15 Keys, 20 Leads, 25 Pads, 20 Synths )

Synthwave Diva Arps 1

Synthwave Diva Keys 1

Synthwave Diva Bass 1

Synthwave Diva Synth 1

SYNTHWAVE Spire 70 Presets:

Retro-futuristic PRESETS for Spire

“Embark on a retro-futuristic sonic journey with our Spire Presets bank. 70 presets designed to inject Synthwave energy into your productions, elevating each note with a nostalgic and fresh touch

Each of the Spire bank’s 70 presets captures the essence of synthwave and retro, allowing you to create tracks that shine with authentic vintage flair. ( 8 Arps, 15 Bass, 12 Leads, 10 Pads, 10 Plucks, 3 Seq, 12 Synths )

Synthwave Spire Arps 1

Synthwave Spire Plucks 1

Synthwave Spire Bass 1

Synthwave Spire Bass 2

SYNTHWAVE Midi 80 Files:

Get Inspiration in seconds with Synthwave midis

Eliminate creative block with our MIDI library for Synthwave. 80 ready-to-use files, get incredible bass lines and captivating melodies instantly, and take your productions to the next level.

Includes all the midis needed to create Synthwave (35 Arps, 20 Bass, 10 Chords, 15 Synths)

Synthwave Midi Arps 1

Synthwave Midi Bass 1

Synthwave Midi Synths 1

Synthwave Midi Chords 1

5 Exclusive Bonus included for free

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Exclusive Bonus #1

1000 SAMPLES Synthwave One Shots 

Unleash the Synthwave revolution with our library of 1000 samples. From deep bass to evocative synths, each sound has been meticulously selected to take your productions to the next level.

Our library of 1000 Synthwave samples is compatible with all programs, ensuring you can easily integrate these sounds into your current workflow. ( 100 Bass, 100 Claps, 50 Crash, 7 Crash Reverse, 150 Hi Hats Close, 150 Hi Hats Open, 50 Kicks, 100 Percussions, 200 Snares, 50 Synths, 100 Toms )

Synthwave Samples Claps 1

Synthwave Samples Hi Hats

Synthwave Samples Synths 1

Synthwave Samples Bass 1

Exclusive Bonus #2

150 LOOPS Synthwave 

150 loops of vibrant sounds ready to inspire you. Transform your productions in a matter of seconds with Percussions, Basses and synthesizers.

Drag Loops into your project and get great sound instantly ( 40 Drums Loops, 30 Hi Hats Loops, 15 Kick Loops, 10 Percussion Loops, 15 Top Loops, 10 Arp Loops, 10 Bass Loops, 10 Snare Loops )

Synthwave Loops Arp 1

Synthwave Loops Drums 1

Synthwave Loops Bass 1

Synthwave Loops Percussion 1

Exclusive Bonus #3

85 FILLS & FX Synthwave

In Synthwave music Fills are used in almost every song, get 40 Fills to create stunning transitions.

In addition to the 40 Fills you will get the most used effects to create Synthwave ( 40 Fills, 20 Uplifter, 15 Impacts, 10 Downlifter )

Synthwave Fills 1

Synthwave Fx Impact 1

Synthwave Fills 2

Synthwave Fx Uplifter 1

Exclusive Bonus #4


We wanted to include 5 Construction Kits so you can see what structure Synthwave songs have.

Get immediate inspiration with these 5 Synthwave Building Kits ( 25 Midis, 25 Serum Presets and 41 Samples )

Synthwave Construction Kit 1

Synthwave Construction Kit 3

Synthwave Construction Kit 2

Synthwave Construction Kit 4

Exclusive Bonus #5

200 Kicks Synthwave 

The kick is one of the most important instruments in any song. That’s why we have created 200 Synthwave Kicks to fit perfectly into your songs.

The 200 Kicks are carefully designed to maintain the Synthwave and Retro essence.

Synthwave Kick 1

Synthwave Kick 3

Synthwave Kick 2

Synthwave Kick 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of the Serum plugin do I need?

1.334 onwards

What version of the Spire plugin do I need ?

1.5.7 onwards

What version of the Diva plugin do I need ?

It is compatible with Diva 1.4.5 onwards.

Can I use the Midis with any Daw?

Yes, you can use the midis in all programs (Flstudio, Ableton, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Studio One etc)

Are the Midis 100% Free of copyright?

Yes, all midis are 100% copyright free, you can use any midi in your songs and publish them.

How does it get to me?

Once you make the purchase, you will receive a link so you can download the files.

How long does it take to arrive?

The downloads are instantaneous, once you buy you will receive a link to download at the moment.

Can I request a refund?

As it is a digital product, unfortunately we do not make refunds.

Before buying you can listen to each sound that is included on the product page, all the presets, all the samples, there is even a video where we make a song using the Samples and Presets from the library that you are going to buy so that you know exactly what you are going to receive.