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Serum 1400 Presets Bundle

Techno House Serum Bank Presets

100 Presets to Create Stunning Songs

Everything Presets you need to create Techno House in one place

Value 39€

TECHNO HOUSE Serum 100 Presets

Presets inspired by artists like Fisher, Dom Dolla, Chris Lake, Jax Jones, among others!

Transform your songs with our bank of Techno House presets for Serum. Create impressive bass lines, each Presets is designed to elevate your tracks to the next level.

With this bank of presets for Serum you have the definitive tool to sculpt the distinctive sound that defines the Techno House genre. ( 40 Bass, 20 Leads, 15 Synths, 10 Plucks, 10 Fx,  5 Chords ).

Bass Techno House 1

Bass Techno House 2

Fx Techno House 1

Lead Techno House 1

Fx Techno House 2

Synth Techno House 1

Compatible With Serum 1.334 Onwards 

2 Exclusive BONUS included for FREE

*Only Avaliable for 100 first users.

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Value 29€

Exclusive Bonus #1


Create percussive rhythms and awesome basslines. We have sampled 175 One Shots so you can create Techno House even if you don’t use external plugins.

The Techno House One Shots Electronic Collection Library Includes: 30 Bass, 30 Synths, 20 Claps, 20 Hi Hats, 20 Kicks, 20 Percussion, 10 Rides, 10 Shakers, 10 Snares  &5 Cymbals.

Bass Techno House Sample 1

Fx Techno House Sample 1

Synth Techno House Sample 1

Bass Techno House Sample 2

Fx Techno House Sample 2

Synth Techno House Sample 2

Exclusive Bonus #2

Get Inspiration in seconds with TECHNO HOUSE 100 Midis Basslines

Boost your Techno House beats with our library of 100 midis. Each file is the key to building the perfect foundation, infusing energy and depth into your productions.

Many Techno House songs are differentiated by their bass lines, that’s why we have created 100 different basslines so you can drag the midi into your project and get instant inspiration.

Bass 1 Midi Techno House

Bass 2 Midi Techno House

Bass 3 Midi Techno House

Bass 4 Midi Techno House

Bass 5 Midi Techno House

Bass 6 Midi Techno House

Value 19€

Techno House Serum Bank

100 Techno House Presets For Serum + 2 Bonus 

€49   19€

techno House Bundle

Techno House 100 Presets Serum + 150 Presets Spire & Vital + 550 Samples + 4 Bonus 

€99   39€

Serum 1400 Presets Bundle

8 Sound Banks For Serum ( Melodic Techno, Deep House , Techno House, Edm, Synthwave, Future Bass, Trance , Psytrance) + 24 Bonus

€159  79€

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