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VORTEX Ultimate Trance Bundle


Master the Trance Basslines with our Bass Trance library

Drag and drop And get the same bass sound as your favorite Trance artists

TRANCE BASS 45 One Shots Collection:

Get CREATE TRANCE CREATE BASSLINES like those of your favorite producers instantly

We’ve carefully sampled the most iconic basses, giving you an essential tool to inject power and depth into your tracks, and take your Trance production to new levels of sonic energy.

We have separated it into 3 parts, Low bass for incredible deep bass, Mid Bass with the most used bass sounds in Trance music and Low Bass Long for you to use in the break of the song.

EMP – TranceBass Mid 10

EMP – TranceBass Low 5

EMP – TranceBass Mid 24

EMP – TranceBass Largue 1

Compatible with all music production programs

Includes a small masterclass for Fl studio, Ableton, Logic Pro and Kontakt so you can learn how to use our libraries.

*Although the masterclasses are recorded with those programs, the samples can be used with any program*

Trance Bass One Shots Collection

45 One Shots Trance Bass

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Trance Complete One Shots Collection

800 One Shots Complete Collection

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Vortex Ultimate Bundle Complete

6500 Midis + 1200 One Shots + Loops + Fx + Masterclass 

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