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VORTEX Ultimate Trance Bundle


Create incredible Chords melodies for your trance songs

Drag and drop to create Authentic Trance hymns in seconds

TRANCE CHORDS 30 One Shots Collection:

Get CREATE TRANCE CHORDS MELODIES like those of your favorite producers instantly

Using samples streamlines the workflow and gives producers a significant advantage in creating high-quality Trance tracks

You just need to drag and drop the sound into the program you use to get it, put together 2 or 3 Chords sounds to create incredible unique layers for your Trance songs

EMP – Trance Chords 1

EMP – Trance Chords 19

EMP – Trance Chords 15

EMP – Trance Chords 30

Compatible with all music production programs

Includes a small masterclass for Fl studio, Ableton, Logic Pro and Kontakt so you can learn how to use our libraries.

*Although the masterclasses are recorded with those programs, the samples can be used with any program*

Trance Chords One Shots Collection

30 One Shots Trance Chords

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Trance Complete One Shots Collection

800 One Shots Complete Collection

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Vortex Ultimate Bundle Complete

6500 Midis + 1200 One Shots + Loops + Fx + Masterclass 

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