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VORTEX Ultimate Trance Bundle

Value 19€

TRANCE LOOPS 130 Electronic Collection:

Select TRANCE LOOPS and drag them to your project to work faster

Many times when you are producing you need loops to inspire you quickly and create ideas before the inspiration goes away, with these 130 Trance Loops we cover that need.

All Loops are exclusive with Trance sound. Includes: Drums Loops, Hi Hats Loops, Clap Loops, Kick Loops, Bass Loops, Snare Loops & Top Loops.

EMP – Trance Drums Loop

EMP – Trance Hi Hats Loop

EMP – Trance Kick Loop

EMP – Trance Top Loop

Compatible with all music production programs

Trance Loops Electronic Collection

130 Trance Loops

€19   9€

Trance Sound Libraries Bundle

4 Trance Sound Libraries 

€65   25€

Vortex Ultimate Bundle Complete

6500 Midis + 1200 One Shots + Loops + Fx + Masterclass 

€429   49€

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