Drag and drop to get Authentic Trance Hits in seconds

Value 39€

VORTEX 500 Trance Melodies:

Get to CREATE MELODIES like those of your favorite producers instantly

Elevate your Trance compositions with our exclusive collection of 500 MIDI files, packed with captivating melodies and immersive harmonic progressions. Turn your ideas into epic electronic anthems

Within Vortex 500 Trance Melodies you will not find 2 identical melodies, drag the midi to your project and change the tone, the notes and make impressive melodies

Vortex Melodies ( Midi 441 )

Vortex Melodies ( Midi 403 )

Vortex Melodies ( Midi 422 )

Vortex Melodies ( Midi 253 )

TRANCE LEADS 40 One Shots Collection:

Get CREATE TRANCE MELODIES like those of your favorite producers instantly

We have sampled the most used synthesizers in Trance music so that you do not need external plugins, you will save CPU and you will get Pure Trance sound

You just need to drag and drop the sound into the program you use to get it, put together 2 or 3 Leads sounds to create incredible unique layers for your Trance songs

EMP – Trance Leads 1

EMP – Trance Leads 35

EMP – Trance Leads 21

EMP – Trance Leads 2

Value 29€

You don’t need plugins ( Compatible with all programs )

All production programs have a sampler, you just need to load the sounds into the sampler

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Value 29€

VORTEX 200 Trance Midi Chords:

Get to CREATE CHORDS like those of your favorite producers instantly

Add a layer of magic to your tracks with our exclusive library of 200 Trance chord MIDI files. Each progression has been carefully created to breathe life and emotion into your compositions

By using midis to explore different arrangements and variations of a melody with ease, encourage creativity and discover new and exciting directions for a musical composition

Vortex Chords ( Midi 116 )

Vortex Chords ( Midi 121 )

Vortex Chords ( Midi 25 )

Vortex Chords ( Midi 187 )

TRANCE CHORDS 30 One Shots Collection:

Get CREATE TRANCE CHORDS MELODIES like those of your favorite producers instantly

Using samples streamlines the workflow and gives producers a significant advantage in creating high-quality Trance tracks

You just need to drag and drop the sound into the program you use to get it, put together 2 or 3 Chords sounds to create incredible unique layers for your Trance songs

EMP – Trance Chords 1

EMP – Trance Chords 19

EMP – Trance Chords 15

EMP – Trance Chords 30

Value 29€

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Value 29€

VORTEX 250 Trance Midi Pads:

Get to CREATE PADS like those of your favorite producers instantly

250 captivating MIDI files of original pads. Each pad is a unique sonic expression designed to infuse your productions with the genre’s characteristic emotionality and depth.

We’ve been inspired by the best trance tracks in history and the best current trance tracks, with the Vortex 250 Trance Pads Midi Pack you get stunning chords instantly.

Vortex Pads ( Midi 41 )

Vortex Pads ( Midi 76 )

Vortex Pads ( Midi 147 )

Vortex Pads ( Midi 152 )

DREAM PADS 30 One Shots Collection:

Get CREATE AMAZING PADS  like those of your favorite producers instantly

These original pads offer you a diverse sonic palette, from magical pads, impressive bass pads and ethereal textures, providing the perfect tool to elevate your tracks to new emotional heights.

We know the problems producers face when creating Pads, that’s why we have separated DreamPads into 2 parts, Mid and Treble Pads and Bass Pads so you get the best pads.

EMP – DreamPads 9

EMP – DreamPads 13

EMP – DreamPads 20

EMP – Low Pad 4

Value 29€

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Value 19€

VORTEX 100 Trance Midi Pianos:

Get CREATE PIANO MELODIES like those of your favorite producers instantly

Elevate your Trance compositions with the magic of the piano: our library of 100 MIDI files gives you 100 piano melodies that capture the essence of the genre. From evocative arpeggios to inspiring chords

We know that some producers find it difficult to create piano melodies, that’s why we have created 100 different piano melodies for you to adapt to your Trance songs.

Vortex Pianos ( Midi 7 )

Vortex Pianos ( Midi 20 )

Vortex Pianos ( Midi 10 )

Vortex Pianos ( Midi 77 )

VORTEX 200 Trance Midi Basslines:

Get to CREATE BASSLINES like those of your favorite producers instantly

Basslines identical to those used by your favorite artists to produce Uplifting Trance, Classic Trance, Euphoric Trance etc. Unleash the power of the bass in your songs with these 200 midis.

Each bass line has been meticulously crafted to provide the depth and energy your music needs, turning your compositions into exceptional sonic journeys. Elevate your Trance production with these unique and vibrant bass lines.

Vortex Basslines ( Midi 184 )

Vortex Basslines ( Midi 85 )

Vortex Basslines ( Midi 83 )

Vortex Basslines ( Midi 127 )

Value 29€

Value 29€

TRANCE BASS 45 One Shots Collection:

Get CREATE TRANCE CREATE BASSLINES like those of your favorite producers instantly

We’ve carefully sampled the most iconic basses, giving you an essential tool to inject power and depth into your tracks, and take your Trance production to new levels of sonic energy.

We have separated it into 3 parts, Low bass for incredible deep bass, Mid Bass with the most used bass sounds in Trance music and Low Bass Long for you to use in the break of the song.

EMP – TranceBass Mid 10

EMP – TranceBass Low 5

EMP – TranceBass Mid 24

EMP – TranceBass Largue 1

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VORTEX 100 Trance Midi Acid:

Get to CREATE ACIDS RITHMS like those of your favorite producers instantly

Discover the power of acid rhythms with these 100 acid Midi files, elevate your compositions with magnetic beats and create a hypnotic flow in your Trance tracks.

We have created the 100 most used Acid rhythms in Trance music and packaged them in this incredible digital product.

Vortex Acid ( Midi 1 )

Vortex Acid ( Midi 42 )

Vortex Acid ( Midi 23 )

Vortex Acid ( Midi 35 )

Value 19€

Value 25€

VORTEX 1000 Trance Midi Famous + 4500 as a gift:

Select Midis from Classic Trance songs and CREATE AWESOME REMIXES

Relive the magic of classic Trance music, bringing iconic melodies to life with a modern twist, allowing you to create unique remixes and elevate your Trance productions to new heights.

Thousands of melodies that will allow you to not only remix classics, but also create new masterpieces with the inspiration and ease that only MIDI files can provide.

Nu Nrg – Basic Down Pure Thrust

Dj Tiesto – Adagio For Strings

Dj Yellow – Frozen Dreams 

Veracocha – Carte Blanche

TRANCE DRUMS 650 One Shots Collection:

Get CREATE TRANCE PERCUSSION RHYTMS like those of your favorite producers instantly

If you want your Trance songs to sound good you need the right sounds, in Trance Drums One Shots Collection we have designed all the percussions you need to create quality Trance rhythms.

Includes 200 Hi-Hats, 100 Claps, 150 Percussions, 120 Snares, 50 Kicks, 20 Cymbals. Boost your Trance rhythms with this percussion library

Trance Drums ( Kick )

Trance Drums ( Snares )

Trance Drums ( Claps )

Trance Drums ( Hi-Hats )

Trance Drums ( Percussions )

Trance Drums ( Cymbals )

Value 29€

Compatible with all music production programs

Value 19€

TRANCE LOOPS 130 Electronic Collection:

Select TRANCE LOOPS and drag them to your project to work faster

Many times when you are producing you need loops to inspire you quickly and create ideas before the inspiration goes away, with these 130 Trance Loops we cover that need.

All Loops are exclusive with Trance sound. Includes: Drums Loops, Hi Hats Loops, Clap Loops, Kick Loops, Bass Loops, Snare Loops & Top Loops.

EMP – Trance Drums Loop

EMP – Trance Hi Hats Loop

EMP – Trance Kick Loop

EMP – Trance Top Loop

TRANCE EFFECTS 75 Electronic Collection:

Add all the TRANCE EFFECTS you need to your Trance tracks

From impressive impacts for the Breaks of your Trance songs, to uplifters and Snare Rolls for the build ups.

All effects are exclusive to Trance music: Includes 10 Downlifter, 20 Impacts, 15 Reverse, 20 Snare Roll and 10 Uplifter.

EMP – Trance Downlifter

EMP – Trance Uplifter

EMP – Trance Impact

EMP – Trance Snare Roll

Value 19€

Value 19€

TRANCE ONE SHOTS 750 Electronic Collection:

Add the best ONE SHOTS SAMPLES to your songs

This library not only contains percussions, it contains Acids, Basses and one shots synths designed exclusively for Trance production.

750 carefully sampled sounds so you can get the authentic Trance sound in your songs, just drag and drop the samples to your project and have fun producing music.

EMP – Trance Acid

EMP – Trance Bass

EMP – Trance Synth

EMP – Trance Percussion

TRANCE KICKS 100 Electronic Collection:

100 KICKS Designed exclusively to produce TRANCE music

The kick is one of the most important instruments for any electronic music track, that is why we have designed 100 incredible exclusive kicks for Trance music.

Each hit is designed to impact and elevate your productions, providing you with the essential tool to create an unforgettable sonic pulse in the Trance scene.

EMP – Trance Kick 1

EMP – Trance Kick 3

EMP – Trance Kick 2

EMP – Trance Kick 4

Value 9€


Vortex can be used with any program but we wanted to record 3 Masterclasses creating songs from scratch in the programs that our clients use the most.

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