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Serum 1400 Presets Bundle

Melodic Techno Serum Bank Presets

170 Presets to Create Stunning Songs

Presets inspired by artists like Tale Of Us, Artbat, Anyma, Meduza among others!

Value 39€

Serum Melodic Techno Presets Bank

170 High Quality MELODIC TECHNO Presets designed to create instant hits

You don’t need another bank of Presets to produce Melodic Techno, you find everything here: 20 Arps, 5 Atmos, 40 Bass, 5 Brass, 10 Fx, 35 Leads, 15 Pads, 30 Plucks, 10 Synths.

Unleash your creativity in Melodic Techno. Each sound has been designed to elevate your tracks to new heights, providing you with the essential tools to sculpt unique melodic landscapes.

Lead Melodic Techno 13

Arp Melodic Techno 10

Bass Melodic Techno 10

Arp Melodic Techno 11

Lead Melodic Techno 1

Bass Melodic Techno 11

Compatible With Serum 1.334 Onwards 

2 Exclusive BONUS included for FREE

*Only Avaliable for 100 first users.

Only Available 5

Value 29€

Exclusive Bonus #1

MELODIC TECHNO One Shots Collecion ( 550 Samples )

550 One Shots Samples Designed For Melodic Techno Music ( Bass, Synths, Claps, Snares, Kicks, Hi Hats, Percussions ).

We ease your creative challenges by providing you with a diverse selection of sounds, making song creation easier, and letting you focus on having songwriting fun.

Bass Melodic Techno 1

Snare Melodic Techno 1

Hi Hats Melodic Techno 1

Synth Melodic Techno 1

Exclusive Bonus #2

Astrolis 100 Midis MELODIC TECHNO 

Break the creative block, 100 Midis designed exclusively to produce Melodic Techo, drag and drop the midis to the project and get immediate inspiration.

Includes: 35 Midi Arps, 20 Midi Bass, 20 Midi Leads, 10 Midi Pads, 20 Midi Plucks.

Melodic Techno – Arp  Midi

Melodic Techno Bass Midi

Melodic Techno Lead Midi

Melodic Techno Bass Midi 2

Value 19€

Melodic Techno Serum Bank

170 Melodic Techno Presets For Serum + 2 Bonus 

€49   19€

Melodic Techno Bundle

170 Melodic Techno Serum Bank + 570 Presets  Diva , Spire, Hive & Vital + 1200 Samples + 8 Bonus 

€99   39€

Serum 1400 Presets Bundle

8 Sound Banks For Serum ( Melodic Techno, Deep House , Techno House, Edm, Synthwave, Future Bass, Trance , Psytrance) + 24 Bonus

€159  79€

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