Get immediate inspiration and create realistic pianos  ( 55.000 MIDIS )

You don’t need plugins ( Compatible with all programs )

Value 95€

Cinematic Pianos Vol 1,2,3,4,5 ( 500 Midis )


Boost your musical creativity with 500 original piano midis designed for Cinematic Music! Break the creative block, raise the quality of your pianos and enjoy the versatility of these tunes in any genre.

Includes 100 Midi Melodies of Classic Cinematic Pianos, 100 Midi Melodies of Emotional Pianos, 100 Midi Melodies of Pianos for Trailers, 100 Midi Melodies of Normal Cinematic Pianos, 100 Midi Melodies of Chords for Cinematic.

Electronic Pianos Vol 1,2,3 ( 400 Midis )

Get AUTHENTIC House, Edm And Trance PIANO SOUND instantly

Get the authentic House, Edm and Trance piano sound. We have sampled the most used pianos and created all the piano melodies you need so that you will never lack pianos for your electronic music productions.

Includes 100 Midi Melodies of Edm Music Pianos, 200 Midi Melodies of House Music Pianos, 100 Midi Melodies of Trance Music Pianos.

Value 57€

Value 76€

Beatmaker Pianos Vol 1,2,3,4 ( 400 Midis )

Any PIANO SOUND or MELODY you need for your BEATS is here

If you Produce Beats, this collection of Midis files includes everything you need to create hundreds of songs. Your Beats will sound more realistic and you will always have inspiration.

Includes 100 Midi Melodies of Hip Hop Music Pianos, 100 Midi Melodies of R&B Music Pianos, 100 Midi Melodies of Trap Music Pianos, 100 Midi Melodies of Reggaeton.

Singer Pianos Vol 1,2 ( 250 Midis )

The Midi Collection that if you are a SINGER you need to have

When you sing you need to have a melody or song in the background to inspire you, here you find 250 Midis to inspire you when singing or to use with your clients if you are going to record them or send them a melody to inspire them.

Includes 150 Midi Melodies of Pop Music Pianos, 100 Midi Melodies of Pop Chords Music Pianos.

Value 38€

Value 154€

Artist Pianos Vol 1,2,3 ( 54.000 Midis )

Get the MOST FAMOUS MELODIES in history from 1600 to the present

You can use the 54,000 Midis to see how the most listened to melodies in history are composed. You can use them to create remixes. And you can also use them to earn money by creating a website and sell the 54,000 midis individually.

Includes 26.000 Midis Artist Pianos ( 1900-2000 Hits ), 25.000 Midis Artist Pianos ( 1900-2000 Chords , 3000 Midis Artist Pianos ( 1600-1900 History ).

Compatible with all music production programs

4 Exclusive BONUS included for FREE

*Only available for a limited time

Exclusive Bonus #1 / DREAM PADS 30 One Shots Collection:

Get CREATE AMAZING PADS  like those of your favorite producers instantly

These original pads offer you a diverse sonic palette, from magical pads, impressive bass pads and ethereal textures, providing the perfect tool to elevate your tracks to new emotional heights.

We know the problems producers face when creating Pads, that’s why we have separated DreamPads into 2 parts, Mid and Treble Pads and Bass Pads so you get the best pads.

EMP – DreamPads 9

EMP – DreamPads 13

EMP – DreamPads 20

EMP – Low Pad 4

Value 29€

Value 39€

Exclusive Bonus #2 / PIANOS ONE SHOTS COLLECTION 120 Samples :

All the PIANO SAMPLES you need to produce any style of music

We have separated this Piano One Shots sound library into 5 sections because each genre has a particular piano sound.
1 – Cinematic / Trailer , 2 – Pop/Classic, 3 – House / Electronic, 4 – 
Mystery/Horror, 5 – Urban Beatmaker / Hip-Hop & Trap

You don’t need any plugin or extra library to create pianos for the most listened to music genres.

EMP – Classic Piano 1

EMP – Electronic Piano 1

EMP – Beatmaker Piano 1

EMP – Trailer Piano 1

Exclusive Bonus #3 MASTERCLASS 

Piano Ultimate Collection Midi Pack can be used with any program but we wanted to record 2 Masterclass, 1 Masterclass to correctly use this product and masterclass 2 with 10 tips for more realistic pianos.

Exclusive Bonus #4 EBOOK 50 MIXING SECRETS

In this 108 page book you will learn 50 of the mixing secrets that the best sound engineers use the most. After reading the ebook and applying it, I assure you that your songs will multiply their quality by X10 and you will mix much faster.

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