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VORTEX Ultimate Trance Bundle


End the creative block forever, each Pianos is unique

Drag and drop to get Authentic Trance Break Hits in seconds

VORTEX 100 Trance Midi Pianos:

Get CREATE PIANO MELODIES like those of your favorite producers instantly

Elevate your Trance compositions with the magic of the piano: our library of 100 MIDI files gives you 100 piano melodies that capture the essence of the genre. From evocative arpeggios to inspiring chords

We know that some producers find it difficult to create piano melodies, that’s why we have created 100 different piano melodies for you to adapt to your Trance songs.

Vortex Pianos ( Midi 7 )

Vortex Pianos ( Midi 20 )

Vortex Pianos ( Midi 10 )

Vortex Pianos ( Midi 77 )

Compatible with all music production programs

Vortex 100 Trance Pianos

100 Trance Pianos Midi Pack

€29   9€

Vortex Complete Trance Midi pack

6500 Trance Midis 

€189   39€

Vortex Ultimate Bundle Complete

6500 Midis + 1200 One Shots + Loops + Fx + Masterclass 

€429   49€

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