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VORTEX Ultimate Trance Bundle


End the creative block forever, each Pads is unique

Drag and drop to get Authentic Trance Hits in seconds

VORTEX 250 Trance Midi Pads:

Get to CREATE PADS like those of your favorite producers instantly

250 captivating MIDI files of original pads. Each pad is a unique sonic expression designed to infuse your productions with the genre’s characteristic emotionality and depth.

We’ve been inspired by the best trance tracks in history and the best current trance tracks, with the Vortex 250 Trance Pads Midi Pack you get stunning chords instantly.

Vortex Pads ( Midi 41 )

Vortex Pads ( Midi 76 )

Vortex Pads ( Midi 147 )

Vortex Pads ( Midi 152 )

Compatible with all music production programs

1 Exclusive Bonus included for free

*Only Avaliable for 100 first users

Exclusive Bonus #1

DreamPads One Shots Collecion ( 30 Samples )

These original pads offer you a diverse sonic palette, from magical pads, impressive bass pads and ethereal textures, providing the perfect tool to elevate your tracks to new emotional heights.

We know the problems producers face when creating Pads, that’s why we have separated DreamPads into 2 parts, Mid and Treble Pads and Bass Pads so you get the best pads.

EMP – DreamPads 9

EMP – DreamPads 13

EMP – DreamPads 20

EMP – Low Pad 4

You don’t need plugins

All production programs have a sampler, you just need to load the sounds into the sampler

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Vortex 250 Trance Pads

250 Trance Pads Midi Pack + Bonus Dream Pads One Shots Collection

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Vortex Complete Trance Midi pack

6500 Trance Midis + Bonus Dream Pads One Shots Collection + Gift

€189   39€

Vortex Ultimate Bundle Complete

6500 Midis + 1200 One Shots + Loops + Fx + Masterclass 

€429   49€

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